Welcome to the METAC Group

The Micro/Nanoscale Energy Transport & Conversion (METAC) Group at the University of Utah focuses on research and education of micro/nanoscale energy transport and conversion for various engineering applications. Our research interests include (1) fundamental physics of thermal, electric, and photon energy transport and conversion phenomena at the micro/nanoscale; (2) near-field mediated renewable power generation; (3) novel nanoscale detection, imaging, and spectroscopic instrumentations; and (3) nanoscale manufacturing. We perform theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, device design and fabrication, and experimental investigations. Precision measurement of nanoscale material properties is another research thrust of the METAC Group.

The nature of our research is highly multidisciplinary across diverse disciplines, such as thermal engineering, nano-optics, micro/nanofluidics, materials science, chemical engineering, and biomedical science and engineering. Our work involves the use of scanning probe microscopies, vibrational spectroscopies (FTIR and Raman), micro/nanoelectromechanical systems (M/NEMS), and custom-manufactured precision thermal measurement platforms. For more detailed information on research projects, please see the research projects page.

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