Amun publishes in Review of Scientific Instruments

Amun has published in Review of Scientific Instruments. The title of his publication is “Feedback control of local hotspot temperature using resistive on-substrate nanoheater/thermoemeter”. Abstract: This article reports the active control of a local hotspot temperature for accurate nanoscale thermal transport measurement. To this end, we have fabricated resistive on-substrate nanoheater/thermometer (NH/T) devices that have a sensing area of ∼350 nm × 300 nm. Feedback-controlled temporal heating and cooling experiments of the NH/T device confirm that the feedback integral gain plays a dominant role in device’s response time for various setpoint temperatures. To further verify the integration of the feedback controller with the NH/T devices, a local tip-induced cooling experiment is performed by scanning a silicon tip over the hotspot area in an atomic force microscope platform. By carefully optimizing the feedback gain and the tip scan speed, we can control the hotspot temperature with the accuracy of ∼±1 K for a broad range of setpoints from 325 K to 355 K. The obtained tip-substrate thermal conductance, including the effects of solid-solid conduction, water meniscus, air conduction, and near-field thermal radiation, is found to be a slightly increasing function of temperature in the range of 127 ± 25 to 179 ± 16 nW/K. Our work demonstrates the reliable controllability of a local hotspot temperature, which will allow the further improvement of various nanoscale thermal metrologies including scanning thermal microscopy and nanoscale thermometry. [link]