Mohammad’s research published in JQSRT

Mohammad Ghashami has published in the Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer. The title of his publication is “Near-field enhanced thermionic energy conversion for renewable energy recycling”. Abstract: This article proposes a new energy harvesting concept that greatly enhances thermionic power generation with high efficiency by exploiting the near-field enhancement of thermal radiation. The proposed near- field enhanced thermionic energy conversion (NETEC) system is uniquely configured with a low-bandgap semiconductor cathode separated from a thermal emitter with a subwavelength gap distance, such that a significant amount of electrons can be photoexcited by near-field thermal radiation to contribute to the enhancement of thermionic current density. We theoretically demonstrate that the NETEC system can generate electric power at a significantly lower temperature than the standard thermionic generator, and the energy conversion efficiency can exceed 40%. The obtained results reveal that near-field photoex- citation can enhance the thermionic power output by more than 10 times, making this hybrid system attractive for renewable energy recycling.